Spirituality Simplified

Eileen Bresnahan with Steller Thoughts and guest speaker Kristin Wathen with Inner Wisdom will be Introducing beginning classes in spiritual awareness and self-empowerment, simplified to be used in your everyday day life without all the confusion.

We will be having 10 basic classes throughout the month of October 2018 on Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm and Sundays we will be giving two classes from 1-3 pm and 4-6 pm. Each class is $35.00  non-refundable. Pre-registration required, at least 24 hours prior to class, balance due at start of class, or $40.00 at the door if space is available.

We also have a great bundle package opportunities! 

1. Purchase 3 classes of your choice for $89.00 and get 1- 1/2 half hour free

phone consult pertaining to any given class. A $55.00 savings!

2. Purchase 5 classes of your choice for $149.00 and get 1- 1/2 half hour free

phone consult pertaining to any given class and 1/2 hour personal card reading.

A $105.00 savings!

3. Purchase 8 classes  of your choice for $239.00 1- 1/2 hour free phone consult

pertaining to any given class, 1/2 hour personal card reading and 1 personal

clearing of your energy field by Kristin via phone. A $170.00 savings!

4. ALL 10 classes for $299.00.00 which also includes 1 free 1-hour card reading

with either Eileen or Kristin, 2- ½ hour free consultations pertaining to any given

class, 1- personal clearing of your energy field by Kristin via phone and a Space

Clearing gift box. (any of which may be gifted to friends or family) a $255.00 savings!

(when booking a package pick only one (1) date to purchase. You can let Kristin or Eileen know in the comment section when you register which classes you would like to take.)


Book your class today for this amazing opportunity! 

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Listed below are the classes we will be offering during this time. 

Class                                                          Date                     Time               

 Psychic Senses and Gifts                     10/3/18               7-9 pm             

We will discover the different psychic sensitivity corresponding to the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling,

tasting, touching. Senses in psychic terms are referred to as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairentience, clairscent,

clairangency and clairgustance. And how to better use them in your everyday life.

 Tools for Self-Empowerment              10/7/18                1-3 pm             

This class is a wonderful exploration of all the different tools that can be used to move along your spiritual path.

 Spiritual Protection                               10/7/18                4-6 pm             

Do you need protection from the outside world or is it an act of self love? We will discuss shielding

and cleansing of your energy field and personal space and why it's so important.

 Meditations Techniques                      10/10/18               7-9 pm             

This is an amazing  class on the different types of meditations and discovering which technique works best for you!

Towards the end of the class we will do a guided meditation.

 Incorporating the Elements                10/14/18              1-3 pm              

The four elements of nature are: Earth, Air, Fire and Water which are believed to be essential to life.  We will discover

how each element works and how to incorporate them into your life to work complementary to each other.

 Essential Oils                                        10/14/18              4-6 pm              

We all love essential oils! In this class we are introducing the many uses of essential oils for healing

and balancing the physical, mental and emotional well-being.

 Intro to Numerology                             10/17/18              7-9 pm 

Introducing the basic of numerology and how numbers influence our life day to day.

 Color Therapy                                       10/21/18              1-3 pm              

Can color heal? Does the color you wear have an influence on your mood or health? Do the different colors

of food encourage the health of your chakras? We will discover the answer all these questions and much more.

 Intro to Crystals                                    10/21/18              4-6 pm              

Crystals have been cherished for thousands of years for their amazing ability to offer us physical and emotional

healing, help us to manifest our desires, assist us in clearings and protection and most of all to support us in our

journey. This class is an introduction on which crystals that you should always have in your repertoire and why.


 Intro to Astrology                                  10/24/18              1-3 pm              

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of the planets and means of diving information

and how they influence your divine path.

 Bonus! Group Healing                           10/24/18             3-4 pm             Free to members

To register click the 'register for classes botton'. Then under our 'services', click the 'classes' tab. Choose your class or package, click 'book it', then find the date on the calendar, click the date then click available time and then follow prompts.


All classes will be held at the International Institute for Massage, 1110 S. Boulevard, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. If you have questions you can call Eileen at (208) 589-2204 or Kristin at (208) 242-8567.