Crystal Remote Viewing

Crystal Remote Viewing and Healing Layouts allow you to:


  • Increase your vibrations and frequency,

  • Cleansing your aura

  • Balance your chakra.

  • You will see how the past, present, and future are connected and influencing us right now

  • You will have the opportunity to explore past life memories or

  • Where you may want to be 10 years from now

  • You can also explore any point on earth, like ancient ruins

  • Connect with your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides or Loved ones

  • We are able to do past life readings and healing those life issues that may be affecting or blocking you in this life 


As you lay on a massage table,  Kristin asks your body what kind of crystals would benefit you to heal, clear your energy field and raise your vibration. She then places these crystals on and around your body to form a grid. She then walks you through a visualization that will lower your brainwave frequency to a theta state. Then the journey begins!


It is best if you are well hydrated and no alcohol for 24 hours before the session.