Oh Great Spirit!

Oh, Great Spirit

Oh, great Spirit…

I stand proud and tall before you,

my feet planted firmly upon Mother Earth,

my arms outstretched to fully embrace the

Winds of the Four Directions.

I now claim, Great Spirit,

All that I AM

and all that I may become.

I give thanks for all that Mother Earth has provided.

I thank you for the trees that shelter us and keep us warm.

for the rocks, which give us a strong foundation on which to build upon.

for the water, which quenches our thirst and cleanses our Souls,

and for the animals, which provide food for our tables and also

for the ones who bring comfort to our hearts.

I give thanks to the Winds in the Four Directions:

To the East… for the Visions that create the future.

To the South...for the children that show us joy.

To the West...for healing our hearts.

To the North… for the wisdom of the ancestors

who have gone before us.

I thank you for each season, which brings a healing

to each and every one of us.

But, most of all Great Spirit,

I thank you for wrapping me in your loving embrace

and for letting me know that I do not walk alone.

Help me find “The Way” and to have the strength, courage, wisdom,

compassion, and understanding and above all…

Love in all that comes my way.

I NOW claim, Great Spirit, All that I AM and all that I may become!


© 1996 kristinboozer/wathen All Rights Reserved

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