Prayers & Affirmations

In our everyday life issues may come up that we may need a little help with, below are some prayers and affirmations that may help with certain situations. 

In order to simplify I use the word 'God" or "Creator" but please use the name you call your own Diety in order to feel more comfortable and keeping within your beliefs.

I AM Blessed

Today I am blessed and my entire life is blessed.

I live a blessed life and today I accept gratefully and abundantly 

all good that is here for me already from the Creator of All That Is.

I accept it all, with great excitement, in fact, my world is so good that others

can only show me their good.

My money is good.

My life is good.

My relationships are good.

My work is good.

Everything is good is my world!

I receive abundantly all my good now! 

Thank You and so it is and made complete.

more to come, so keep checking back.