Email Format -I will request from the Creator that your own personal guardian angel comes forth to give a personal message to you. 


WAIT TIME: 3 days of purchase


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In using my spiritual gifts of clairaudio to translate for you a message that your angels feel you may need to hear at this time. Just know that they will not predict the future but can offer guidance and wisdom if needed or simply a special message to help encourage you.


 It will be delivered within 3 days of purchase so please make sure to provide me with the email address where you would like the message delivered to. 

It is a great pleasure to provide this opportunity for you and your spiritual journey.


  • There are no follow up questions answered once the reading is delivered. you will need to purchase a new reading
  •  Please provide your full name or if this is a gift for another person, their full name and an accurate e-mail address.

 Thank you for understanding.

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