SAS-e Soulmate Program

The SAS-e Soulmate Program was made especially for people who are serious about finding their ideal soulmate or life-partner. 


If you’ve had relationships after relationships with no lasting effects then it’s time for a change. Sometimes we have to look within ourselves to discover what we really want and deserve. Do you believe you are loveable? That you’re worthy of being loved for who you are? Are you asking the Universe for enough? This program will be created for each individual person based on what they have experienced in the past and what want for their future.


The Program includes:

Duration: 4 weeks

Weekly: 1- 1 ½ hour personal session and a 30-minute follow-up Q/A session a few days later. (8 hours total) 

You may opt for a 1-day intensive (approx. 6 hours)  for your personal sessions.


You will receive: Create Your Mate Manifesting mp3 meditation.

Bonus: Gift Box


What it covers:

Healing old hurts and wounds from previous relationships or even current relationships.

Releasing old vows, oaths,  promises, and contracts, that may be holding you back from moving forward into a new relationship.

Clearing limiting beliefs and activating empowering beliefs and feelings. 

How to make a Soulmate Checklist and then reviewing it with Kristin.

How to manifest your ideal mate.

What to do after you have sent your request.