Belief Clearing Session

It is said that a 'true miracle is the transformation of the mind'.
A belief is just a thought you keep thinking or told over and over again by others that you believed it, this becomes your mindset. Your beliefs within your subconscious mind can either help you in life or hinder you.
If you've been struggling in your life and can't seem to get ahead or just can seem to break thru to get that great job, the love of your life or abundance of wealth and health. You may have a limiting belief that is sabotaging your desires. ​
Scientists say it would take repeating a new thought or affirmation over 400 times before you can change the synapsis in your brain to create a new core belief or feeling and have it be effective in your outside world. OR we can connect to the Creator to change a belief or feeling instantly and have it be effective in all areas of your life almost immediately!
By getting to the root belief, cause or fear that may be holding you back from:
  •  prosperity
  • love or
  • health
and releasing it can be the most loving thing you can do for yourself to take that quantum leap into the next step on your journey. If you have felt:
  • stuck 
  • lack
  •  self-sabotage
  •  fear of the unknown
  • fear of failure
  • fear of success
  • unworthy
Now is the time to take control of your own life!
Kristin has assisted thousands of people from all over the world to get to the bottom of their fears and blockages in many areas of their life. With your permission and working with the Divine Source, she communicates with your higher-self to get to the root cause of any issue you may have in any area of your life. not only are these beliefs or feelings instantly changed on your Core belief level but also genetic beliefs, past-life/history level, and your Soul level.

Have you ever felt like you released a belief or moved through a fear only to have it come back? Do you feel like you're on the hamster wheel of life and keep repeating the same pattern over and over again?



That’s because it might not even be yours! We don’t just have our own belief that we have developed over the years we also have our genetic beliefs that have been carried over in our DNA from our parents. Those beliefs in our DNA can go as far back as 14, yes 14 generations!



There are also some beliefs that are so ingrained they have been imprinted on your soul. Unless it’s is released or changed it will come back and show up in your life. You may have what is called a dual belief. This is where you have two opposing beliefs such as: ‘I am rich’ and also one that says ‘I am poor’ or ‘I don’t have enough’. This will cause conflict.


By connecting with your Higher Self and the Divine Source, together we can transcend your limiting belief and have the Divine Source teach you how to live your life without feeling: not good enough, self-doubt. What worthiness feels like, what unconditional love feels like.



Most people don’t understand that a lot of financial wealth issues are linked to how you feel or what you believe about yourself.


  • Do you believe you are worthy and deserving of receiving love?

  • Do you believe you are worthy of that new car

  • Do you believe you are deserving of that job promotion?

  • Do you believe you are worthy enough of receiving an abundance of money?


This is not EFT (Tapping) it’s working with the Divine Source directly, and who better to know what you need to change to create the life you want?


If you're ready for change and to take back control in your life by transcending and/or releasing mental blocks and gain more self-love, more confidence, staying in alignment with your own inner peace, while allowing the flow of abundance of all good things, book your session today!

This is literally life-changing!
Want more joy, an abundance of wealth, better health?
Let's take that quantum leap today!

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